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Welcome to Clark Novelty Sign Sales, Inc., offering lawn greeting business opportunities since 1999. Backed by the knowledge we have gained operating A Nete Idea Sign Service in Canton, OH since 1987. We are one of the ORIGINAL lawn greeting companies in the United States of America.

We are proud to offer the unique displays from A Nete Idea Sign Service in Canton, OH. A Nete Idea established in 1987 is known to be one of the first lawn greeting companies, in United States.

Looking to rent a lawn greeting sign, special occasion yard card display, or perhaps a newborn announcement, like the one pictured on the left? Check out our A-Nete-Idea Novelty Sign Service business listings.

We offer both life size displays (74" x 42") or our uniquely designed collapsible displays (48" x 48").            

All displays come ready to rent right out of the box.

Displays for birthdays, birth announcements, baby showers, anniversaries, graduations, retirement, get well, welcome home, and more!

We do not offer franchises, this will be your business, and we will be your supplier

10 easy steps to be the next Clark Novelty Sign Sales, Inc. dealership.

1.  Contact our dealership sales specialist Kathy @ 330-452-1522

2.  Submit the
confidentiality agreement.

3.  Pick your package of 5 or more lawn greeting displays, and
     other business items listed below.

4.  Choose a name for your company (we can help if you need assistance).

5.  Fill out the
dealership agreement, territory guarantee, and order form.

6.  Pay the required deposit for your order.

7.  Start promoting and marketing your company.

8.  Receive your completed dealership package.

9.  Pay balance of order, and start renting.

10. Call Clark Novelty Sign Sales, Inc. with any questions, just to chat, or to order new displays, we are here to help and guide, 7 days a week,

there is NEVER a consultation Fee**

Each complete business opportunity is uniquely yours, customized for your special needs and your specific location. Your signs will be made to order, when you order. 

If you are interested in Only Baby Signs (OBies) click here.

Our Lawn Greeting Business Opportunities that are back by our 27+ years in the Lawn Greeting industry. This experience in the yard card industry provides you with professional quality displays, tried and true methods, always free unlimited phone and e mail support.

We look forward to hearing from you, we can be reached at 330-452-1522 or via our e-mail address: info@clarknoveltysignsales.com.